Well I have completed the crash diet that was the Standard Process Detox/Cleanse.  I ended up losing around 35pounds.  I have gained a few pounds back but i’m ready to refocus my attention on my weight once again in a few days.

I have been running mostly on the treadmill but have some outside.  I’ve also been pretty consistent at the spin class.

My biggest threat right now is my back.  It’s been pretty much determined that I have a bulging disc in my lower lumber.  This has really flared up over the last few days.  Not been pleasant.  I have a few options.  Get the MRI and take a shot or surgery.  Another options which is the one I am going with is continue chiropractor treatments.  This is something that I am going to live with for now and then make major decisions if things get worse.

So this is more motivation for me to lose more weight.  As for running, I am doing the New Years Resolution run and then training for a May marathon.  As of now, it appears that I will do the Nashville marathon instead of the Memorial marathon.  We shall see.   Adios.


Continued Detox and Reindeer Run

Well i’m officially 2/3 of the way through my cleanse/detox via standard process.  So far, i’m about 25 pounds lighter and I am working my rear off to make it more.  My workout routine is frequent and furious right now.

For example, on Sunday I ran 3 miles before church.  After church I ran 5 miles at the Y.  Just before bed I decided to run 3 more miles.  So you get my point.  I am having success with weight loss right now.  I sense a real chance to change my body and make it easier to run.  I’m going for it.  My final day of the diet is a week from Tuesday.

Went for a 10K run called the Reindeer Run on Saturday.  The course was simple enough.  The weather wasn’t too bad except the blistery North wind.  I ran with Little B.  We had a pretty good time.

On deck….not really sure.  Just want to lose weight.  Training for a marathon starts on January 8th.  Oh, I will most likely do the New Years Day run.  Other that, not too much going on.

Day 8 of Detox/Cleanse

Dear reader, I am currently in the middle of a cleanse/detox that will last 21 days.  I am using the Standard Process diet.  To summarize, I get ride of all sugars and only eat fruits and veggies for 11 days before adding a little sliver of meat.  This goes on until 21 days have passed.  There are also some nasty supplemental drinks that go with it.

As of Monday, I had lost 17 pounds in 6 days.  That is pretty darn good but it also shows how badly I eat and drink (Dr. Pepper).

The detox will end December 21st.  I may or may not go over a few days.  It’s all dependent on how I feel and the weight issue.  As many of you know, i’m trying to get my weight down so I prolong my running life.  Really enjoy running, especially marathons.

I will check back in with you soon and let you know how things are going in the weight loss world.  I hope.

Onward We Go

The Route 66 marathon is behind me now.  My body appears to have recovered well enough for me to do 10 miles tonight during the OU/OSU game.  I enjoy running during game time because I can channel nervous energy into running energy.

Just as promised, i’m onward to weight loss.  For months now I have carried way too much weight.  Not exactly sure how I accumulated so much weight even though I do believe three doses of steroids (trying to get rid of bronchitis and back pain) could not have helped the situation.

Marathonfoto sent me pictures of the marathon and I could hardly look at the pictures.  I look like a pregnant woman running around Tulsa.  Anyway, I am starting my crash diet on Tuesday.  It consist of a full cleanse where I get rid of all process foods.  I convert all liquids over to water.  My diet will consist of fruits and veggies for about 6 days until I am able to add grilled chicken to the mix.

I have used this diet before and it does work.  I lost 26 pounds last time and that was when I had a bad back so I was unable to adequately exercise.  The entire process takes about 21 days to complete.

The diet should end just before Christmas.  Around January 1st I will make a decision on whether to pursue another marathon.  The Cowtown marathon is catching my attention.  The ultra (31 miles) may even be an option.  However, all this is dependent on weight loss and my ability to stay in good running shape.  That was one of the reasons why I ran 10 tonight just one week after the marathon.

My pipe dream of running the redwoods may be put on hold for another year.  A little bummed but next year it would be timed with my 10 year anniversary with my wife.  That is not the reason why I may cancel this year, we are strongly looking at moving.  This will be a big financial burden.

However, if I run Cowtown and then the Memorial…..I’d be at marathon number 8 and 9.  Remember one of my goals is to run 10 marathons.

My Kicks Were on Route 66….Again.

This was my third year running the Route 66 Marathon.  Each year the course has changed.  The first year that I ran the marathon, the course was really flat until the last 4 miles which becomes crazy hilly.

Last years course stayed in the downtown area more but this years course spent over half of the course in the downtown area which meant more and more hills.

Just like last year, the weather was an issue.  I woke up to a balmy 61 degrees.  The ground was sweating with a 85% humidity.  To top things off, we had a strong southerly wind which would wreck havoc on the flat riverside portion of the run.

Anyway, I was very anxious about this particular run.  My body has barely made it through a few knock down fights with marathon courses over the last year or so.  I entered the race heavier than I had ever been for a marathon.  To confirm this statement, I had a lady ask me around mile 22 “how much do you weigh?”  I told her the answer and she told me “you are moving well.”

I started off slowly in the race as I quickly saw how hilly the first part was.  I took it super easy until I had flatter running.  This would be one of my smarter races for me.  Never did go all out but I had moments of accelerated pace.

Once I reached Riverside, I had ten miles left.  The first 4 or so miles on Riverside was rough going.  The wind was gusting off the river around 30 miles per hour.  Once I turned around, the tailwind helped some.

I had a very special guest run the last three miles with me.  Little B.  I was very happy to see her.  So many times I get lonely out there running by myself.  Plus it was added encouragement for me to get to mile 23 where I knew she would be.

Once B joined me, I was able to coast into the finish line.  Very grateful for a friend like her.

Just like any marathon, I fought back tears as I heard the crowd at the finish line.  Something about that, always chokes me up.  Halfway through the final stretch I catch sight of my kids.  Ran over to them and told them I loved them before running the final 20 years.  Not sure if it meant anything to them other than daddy saying “I love you,” but it meant a bunch to me to run something of this distance in front of them.

Here’s my plan from here….Lose Weight!!!  I am going on a cleanse next Monday.  I will be posting my weight updates to help keep me honest.  I have vowed to never run a marathon at this weight again.

I really love running marathons so this will be added incentives to get the weight off.  Really want to run the Avenue of the Giants this spring.

Pic w/ the kiddos

It’s Marathon Time!!!

Time to rise to the occasion once again.  It’s marathon time in Tulsa this weekend.  The Route 66 marathon has reared it’s challenging head in my life.  Ready or not, here I come.

I look forward to this marathon for many reason.  I am ready for the challenge.  I’m also ready to finish training for marathons for a few months so I can start concentrating on weight loss.

I will post pictures when I get a chance.  Wish me luck.

Ouch…14 More Days

The days continue to tick on down til my date with the Route 66 marathon.  Had a small set back Thursday.  I went out to run my final long distance run of the marathon training for fall.  I was on mile 4 or so when I cam to a crosswalk across the street from 7-11 and Lloyd Noble.

I wait my turn to cross when a truck speeds by and I hear a sound followed by a crazy pain in my neck.  I reach up to my neck to feel a liquid substance.  My first thought, I had just seen my last day.  I had been shot in the neck.  Ends up, I was shot in the neck but it was from some idiot with a paintball gun as they drove by.

I feel very fortunate.  Had I been hit six inches higher i’d most likely be blind.  Don’t get me wrong I would love to have some time alone with whoever did this but I now that would end badly for someone.  My fight or flight had kicked in pretty fast right after the hit, fight was open for business.

Anyway, after calling the police I decided to finish my run.  Refused to let idiots run my evening.  Ended up running 18 miles that night.  Jokingly, I mentioned that running 18 miles and being shot in the neck by a paintball has to account for some sort of extra mileage.

This will be an easy week for me.  My wife is out of town and i’m watching the kiddo so i’m unable to sneak off and run until Wednesday.  Route 66 ready or not, here I come.