Day 8 of Detox/Cleanse

Dear reader, I am currently in the middle of a cleanse/detox that will last 21 days.  I am using the Standard Process diet.  To summarize, I get ride of all sugars and only eat fruits and veggies for 11 days before adding a little sliver of meat.  This goes on until 21 days have passed.  There are also some nasty supplemental drinks that go with it.

As of Monday, I had lost 17 pounds in 6 days.  That is pretty darn good but it also shows how badly I eat and drink (Dr. Pepper).

The detox will end December 21st.  I may or may not go over a few days.  It’s all dependent on how I feel and the weight issue.  As many of you know, i’m trying to get my weight down so I prolong my running life.  Really enjoy running, especially marathons.

I will check back in with you soon and let you know how things are going in the weight loss world.  I hope.


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