Onward to Route 66

We’ll its been two weeks since the Mother Road debacle.  Here’s a few things that I have learned the hard way.

1.  Do not attempt a long distance race that has not been test over time.

2.  Make sure runners are in charge of most aspects of the race.

3.  Wait as late as possible before signing up for a marathon just in case you start getting a bad vibe or weather does not look conducive to running.

4.  If you run long distance in September or early October…make sure its in a Northern state.

Hope i’m not being overly hard on the Mother Road.  They tried hard but it was not a runners race.  If you ever decide to run it, be sure to get plenty of angle running.  Find a step sloping hill and run parallel to it for about 14 miles.  If you can do that, you will be fine.

Another revelation I have come to grips with is my weight.  I am in the process of trying to lose 10 to 15 pounds before Route 66.  Added weight really does knock you down with you run.  The breathing gets off, and muscles wear out faster.  More importantly, you run slower and the longer you are out there. the more beat up you get.

Anyway….I was almost derailed three days after the Mother Road.  I bent down to shelve a book and felt something pull near the quad/groin area.  Anyway, be nightfall I was dragging my right let.  It took about a week before I could finally run 3 miles.

Tonight I went to cheer on the runners doing the 24 hour race by Hefner.  These runners are unbelievable.  When I was there, they were on mile 60 or 70 and there were some people acting like they browsing the shelves at Walmart.  They’d stop at the rest station and have a regular conversation for a few minutes before running again.

My gosh, if it was me….i’d lose the ability to speak properly around mile 30.  Any audible noise that would come out of my mouth would be a curse word attempting to explain why I signed up for a 24 hour race.

Route 66 is about a Month away now.  I plan on running a 20 miler next weekend.  Later.


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