Onward to Rt. 66

Wow, what a journey?  Yes, a journey.  I have been fighting various injuries in order to continue my training for my next marathon which is Route 66 marathon in Tulsa.

My shins continue to burn when I run and my quads may or may not allow me to run.  I am finding that longer periods of stretching help reduce the shin problem and rest between runs help the quad issue.

Another injury would be my back.  I continue to fight this on a daily basis.  I am going to the chiropractor every other day.  My back was so bad this weekend that I had to leave the OU football game in the 3rd quarter.  That’s a big deal to me.

Anyway, I hit a all time running low Sunday morning when I started debating whether I would run Route 66.  So much of my problems relate to me being overweight.  I know this and I do know I need to take major action to lose the weight.  This in turn will help my running.  Just as I was reaching my low on Sunday, I rebounded with a thunderous 10 mile trick or treat run through the neighborhood.

Not making the Rt. 66 marathon would be viewed as a failure in my eyes.  I just have a hard time with that.  So for now, I am onward to the marathon.  I am still training for the run and plan to finish training this weekend when I run a long run one last time.

I’ll keep you posted.


One response to “Onward to Rt. 66

  1. it won’t be a failure, you just need to get better.

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