Onward We Go

The Route 66 marathon is behind me now.  My body appears to have recovered well enough for me to do 10 miles tonight during the OU/OSU game.  I enjoy running during game time because I can channel nervous energy into running energy.

Just as promised, i’m onward to weight loss.  For months now I have carried way too much weight.  Not exactly sure how I accumulated so much weight even though I do believe three doses of steroids (trying to get rid of bronchitis and back pain) could not have helped the situation.

Marathonfoto sent me pictures of the marathon and I could hardly look at the pictures.  I look like a pregnant woman running around Tulsa.  Anyway, I am starting my crash diet on Tuesday.  It consist of a full cleanse where I get rid of all process foods.  I convert all liquids over to water.  My diet will consist of fruits and veggies for about 6 days until I am able to add grilled chicken to the mix.

I have used this diet before and it does work.  I lost 26 pounds last time and that was when I had a bad back so I was unable to adequately exercise.  The entire process takes about 21 days to complete.

The diet should end just before Christmas.  Around January 1st I will make a decision on whether to pursue another marathon.  The Cowtown marathon is catching my attention.  The ultra (31 miles) may even be an option.  However, all this is dependent on weight loss and my ability to stay in good running shape.  That was one of the reasons why I ran 10 tonight just one week after the marathon.

My pipe dream of running the redwoods may be put on hold for another year.  A little bummed but next year it would be timed with my 10 year anniversary with my wife.  That is not the reason why I may cancel this year, we are strongly looking at moving.  This will be a big financial burden.

However, if I run Cowtown and then the Memorial…..I’d be at marathon number 8 and 9.  Remember one of my goals is to run 10 marathons.


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