Continued Detox and Reindeer Run

Well i’m officially 2/3 of the way through my cleanse/detox via standard process.  So far, i’m about 25 pounds lighter and I am working my rear off to make it more.  My workout routine is frequent and furious right now.

For example, on Sunday I ran 3 miles before church.  After church I ran 5 miles at the Y.  Just before bed I decided to run 3 more miles.  So you get my point.  I am having success with weight loss right now.  I sense a real chance to change my body and make it easier to run.  I’m going for it.  My final day of the diet is a week from Tuesday.

Went for a 10K run called the Reindeer Run on Saturday.  The course was simple enough.  The weather wasn’t too bad except the blistery North wind.  I ran with Little B.  We had a pretty good time.

On deck….not really sure.  Just want to lose weight.  Training for a marathon starts on January 8th.  Oh, I will most likely do the New Years Day run.  Other that, not too much going on.


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