10/10/10 Mother Road

Just completed the first ever Mother Road Marathon.  This race started in Commerce, Oklahoma (home of Mickey Mantle) and ended in Joplin, Missouri.  The big claim to fame for the race was the running on Route 66.

I left Saturday morning on a bus with 33 or so OKC LandRunners.  For those not from the area, LandRunners are the OKC running group.  The trip down there was pretty low key the highlight of the trip down there was…

Okay, it was Forest Gump.  Not Flock of Seagulls but hey, the music makes it better.

Anyway we arrive at the hotel and then head over to the Running Expo.  The expo was a thriving market place with running gear stacked from the floor all the way to the ceiling.  Not!!  There were three tables at best in the expo.  The word expo should have been taken off the website and packet pick up should have taken it’s place.

The pasta dinner was alright.  It was especially courteous to have someone dictate where to sit in a gigantic eating area.  The 23rd street band was playing during dinner…at times I swore they sounded like Depeche Mode.

Now onto the race.  Pre race was alright.  The porta potties represented in Commerce.  Thought it was kinda funny because 20 of them were placed right across the street from residential housing.  Can you imagine waking up to porta potty doors shutting and the fresh stench of nervous stomachs?

The race started at 8 a.m. If you’ve ever run a marathon, you know 8 a.m. is awfully late unless you are in the winter time.  Off we go down the road.  About a mile down the road, I experienced burning/pain in my shins.  For the next several miles, I brainstormed why I was feeling this way.

Here’s the reason.  The road was heavily cambered.  In other words, the road was angled towards the shoulder for drainage purposes.  I’m sure that incline works well for rain but not so much for running.  If I ever run this again, i’ll be sure to incline train.  Sarcasm.

During my shin problems, I started rubbing on my inner thigh.  It hurt and hurt.  So I pulled up my pants and looked down.  My spandex had worn a hole and the hole was doing a number on my skin.  Starting to see blood.  I ran with this issue for a few miles before finally pulling off at a station and dropping the drawers in public and removing my spandex.  I would like to apologize for all of those who had to see me like that.  Atleast it was better than what I saw a mile before my changing….a lady doing the restroom thing behind a truck.

Anyway, tossed my spandex into a trashcan.  Swore they may have stuck to the side of the can.  At around mile 14 the roads got better and less camber.  This coincided with leaving Oklahoma.

Mile 16 was when the real fun began.  I started cramping in my calf muscles.  We’re talking seizing up cramps.  I’d run for 20 yards before locking up.  Many times during the final 10 miles, I thought I was going to take my first DNF.

Anyway, I limped in to the finish line and was able to run the final straightway.

Now here’s my top 10 for 10/10/10

1.  Calf Cramps

2. Arm Cramp

3.  Slight Neck Cramp

4. Spandex Chaffing

5. Cambered Road

6.  Horrible Heat

7.  Late Start Time

8.  Dizzy Spells

9.  No Cups at the 8 Mile Station

10. No Finisher’s Shirt (unless I missed it)

I guess you can tell I most likely will not run this race again.  I think people had good intentions but ultimately, runners can tell when a nonrunner helped organize a race.  The biggest problem of the race that started my chain reaction of problems was the road.  I cannot explain to you have angled the roads were.  There was nowhere you could run that would make the ground level.  I felt like this affected my calfs and thus affect my shins and caused cramp too.

Up next is Route 66.  I will continue to train.  I am shooting for 10 less pounds before running it.

I will post pictures when I get them.


2 responses to “10/10/10 Mother Road

  1. makes me glad I wasn’t there! Hate the heat! Plus, I need a cup to drink my water!!!!! I would have loved to have taken a pic of you stripping down to your drawers in order to take off the spandex, LOL!

  2. Glen, it was nice visiting with you on the Landrunner’s bus! I literally laughed out loud reading this blog as it brought back a lot of memories (some good, some bad). Even though it been just over a week ago, I’ve tried to erase that run on of my mind. I had forgotten how horrible it was running on a slant! Don’t get me started about that heat! The best thing about the trip was the bus ride! Best of luck in Tulsa! I’ll be following your blog.

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