Ouch…14 More Days

The days continue to tick on down til my date with the Route 66 marathon.  Had a small set back Thursday.  I went out to run my final long distance run of the marathon training for fall.  I was on mile 4 or so when I cam to a crosswalk across the street from 7-11 and Lloyd Noble.

I wait my turn to cross when a truck speeds by and I hear a sound followed by a crazy pain in my neck.  I reach up to my neck to feel a liquid substance.  My first thought, I had just seen my last day.  I had been shot in the neck.  Ends up, I was shot in the neck but it was from some idiot with a paintball gun as they drove by.

I feel very fortunate.  Had I been hit six inches higher i’d most likely be blind.  Don’t get me wrong I would love to have some time alone with whoever did this but I now that would end badly for someone.  My fight or flight had kicked in pretty fast right after the hit, fight was open for business.

Anyway, after calling the police I decided to finish my run.  Refused to let idiots run my evening.  Ended up running 18 miles that night.  Jokingly, I mentioned that running 18 miles and being shot in the neck by a paintball has to account for some sort of extra mileage.

This will be an easy week for me.  My wife is out of town and i’m watching the kiddo so i’m unable to sneak off and run until Wednesday.  Route 66 ready or not, here I come.


One response to “Ouch…14 More Days

  1. woo hoo!

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