Alive and Well…I Think

Hope life is going well for you reader. I have been consumed with work and I am still running but it is real sporadic right now. I am getting my distance runs in and doing a bunch of short runs during the week.

OU football has also started so I am watching my Saturday’s be zapped away in the heat as I watch from inside the stadium.

The reason for my title, I have had three different people comment on my weight over the last two weeks. “How come your still big if you are still running?” Thats hard to answer but I do believe i’m struggling with my metabolism right now. I went through two doses of steroids during the spring time to help fight off allergies/bronchitis. This typically packs on weight. With that said, I still eat horribly. However, i’d like to send a special insensitive shout out to those people who made the comments. Be sure to look for my marathon posts in October from the comforts of your Lazy Boy chair.

Well, i’m volunteering for the Kelsey Briggs run this weekend. I will keep you posted when I run my next 20 miler which is coming soon.


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