I’m Down 20 Pounds!!

It took 7 days on the body cleanse/detox to lose 20 pounds.  That seems pretty fast but i’m a pretty hard worker once I put my mind to things.  Day seven was a milestone on the detox.  In a few more days I will be adding some forms of meat back into the diet.

No the detox is not as hard as a marathon but wheww…it’s a mind game.  My parents brought over cake and cookies for the grandkids on Saturday.  I had a pre birthday party.  I’ve watched all of the food commercials associated with the super bowl.  People ask  “How do you feel?”  The one thought that passes in my mind is placing the cheesiest Dorrito chip on my tongue.

Back update:  It’s getting better and better.  I should be running in about a week plus a few days.  I’m excited about the possibility.

I’ll keep you posted.


One response to “I’m Down 20 Pounds!!

  1. Congrats, Glen! That’s an awesome accomplishment. Hope it continues to go well!

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