Comeback Tour

Okay, i’m sitting in front of the TV late Saturday night.  The family is snug in they’re beds as I type this.  I’ve had quite a day.  Went to Lake Hefner and walked 8 miles and ran a little bit too.

My official clearance does not occur until Tuesday but i’m ready to rock and roll.  My back has come along ways but I do now it’s still there so i’m hoping it continues to get better.  I’ll try to maintain some sort of control as I begin to run again.  The walk down at Lake Hefner helped give me some perspective and motivation.  Seeing other runners running inspires me.

My diet took a slight hit tonight.  Valentines day may have worked against me a little bit.  However, I quickly realize that i’m playing with water weight.  Somehow I have to keep my jets cooled on this.  I cannot lose weight every night.  I’m more concerned with burning fat rather than expelling water out of my system.   I can start sweating and lose two or three pounds in one running session.  Anyway, as long as I eat healthy and exercise I believe that I will reduce me weight gradually.

Monday night is the awards banquet for the LandRunners.  I get a reward for completing ten series races.  It was a goal of mine and I have achieved it.  I hope to repeat that goal this year but the possibilities seem bleak due to my injury.  I have missed three series races already with the prospect of missing more.

Future…..get back in shape and make a decision as to what i’m running at the Arbuckle to Ardmore race in late March.  It’s down to either a 5K or half marathon.  We shall see.


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