End of Summer, Kind of…

The summer of Glen is coming to an end.  I have been working in the library several hours a day for over three weeks.  It wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the fact that i’m not on the clock.  I officially go on the clock on Friday at 7:15.

My running has been hit and miss.  I have good days and bad.  Some days I think I can make it through a marathon and other days I struggle to make it through a 5K.  I do know something has to give at some point.

I am currently running the training runs with the OKC LandRunners.  I have reverted back to my theory of “setting the pins up and then knocking them down.”  It’s hard to look beyond each weekends long run.

As of now I am scheduled to run the Mother Road Marathon on 10/10/10.  I’m hoping for a spectacular September running month.  I do plan to pick up the cross training along with the running.

In the meantime I will run the Brookhaven 5K in early September and also enjoy Sooner football.


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