Upcoming Events….

Greetings.  As one can tell by the blog, things have been slow in the racing world.  Only one race in the month of July in the OKC area.  I did have a few running buddies do a 52 miler in Tulsa a week or two ago.

This week has been a reality check for me.  I am carrying way too much weight to be doing what I am doing.  I want to keep on running so once again for the 100th time, i’m trying to make a concentrated effort to lose weight.

My running has been suffering here lately so i’ve put a greater focus on my running.  Does that make sense?  You see, I tried to focus equally on biking and running.  As a result, i’ve lost some of my running edge.  Running is my baby.  Biking is there for compliment my running.  So needless to say, my mileage is once again going up and my intensity is going up when the heat allows it.


Biking Norman Conquest this Saturday 46 miles

Dehydrator in Duncan on 31st…doing 69 miles.

Running with Bulls in early August.

Brookhaven 5K

So its still a little slow right now but i’ll fill my time with a few biking events and then let running return in the fall.  I am still in training to run the 10/10/10 marathon in Commerce, OK.  Its on!!!!


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