4th of July Run

Ran series race number 9 for me today at Lake Hefner.  The name of the race was called Stars n Stripes forever.  The distance was a 5K.  Going into the race, I had a pretty good week of running and light biking.

The gun went off and I puttered on down the ever so familiar course.  It was during the first mile that I realized that I have lost a bunch of my running shape to biking.  My breathing was erratic and had little giddy up in my legs.

I do not blame biking but I do blame myself for not having a better balance.  I freaked out as Freewheel drew nearer and so I spent more time biking and significant less time running.  Anyway, today’s run felt like it was my first 5K run of my life.  Running the typical 5K course at Hefner didn’t do much for the motivation either.

I have a long way to go as I begin training for my next marathon in October.  I have time but I will need to push my limits.  It is also more than apparent that my biggest limiter of my running is my weight.  Just do not know how long I will be able to continue to run at my size.  I do hope my love for running will help propel me into a better physical shape.  Time shall tell.

I ended up running a 29 minute 5K which is one of my slowest ever.  On a bright note, Melissa had a terrific race.  It was nice to see her running off like a gazelle.  Brenda had a good race as well.  Afterwards we all sat around Melissa’s car and chugged Dr. Peppers and ate Chocolate candy bars…hmmmm.  Almost had to call someone to drive us home. Gee wonder why I hate weight issues?

I’ll post a few pics of me and the girls.

Coming up…regaining control of my training.  May do a 64 mile bike ride in mid July.

Giant Alarm on Shoulder

Mel, G, and B


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