Freewheel Recap

It’s been a week since returning home from Freewheel.  I wanted to spend a few moments closing up this experience and to talk about future endeavors.

My overall experience with Freewheel was very positive.  Several lessons where learned.  If I decide to ride Freewheel again, I will know so much more about things.

Top 10 tidbit lists..

1.  Gaseous explosions at night in tents.

2.  You wake up as early as the first person gets up.  No alarm necessary.

3.  Respect the roadkill diversity.

4.  Be weary of country homes near homes, usually means 10 to 20 dogs are roaming free nearby.

5.  Bring extra money to afford the simple things in life, country stores have messed up prices.

6.  Porta Potties become your friend.

7.  A hill is a hill is a hill

8.  Spandex, get over it.

9.  Stop often on rides and reflect.

10.  Enjoy the company of others.

Top 10 roadkill

1. Bobcat

2. Armadillo

3. Opossum

4. Skunk

5.  Vulture

6.  Turtle

7.  Frog

8.  Snake

9.  Coyote

10. Deer

Coming up….Unable to get mileage up for 50 mile run in early July.  So i’m doing a 5K run instead.  I have also started marathon training for the Mother Road Marathon on 10/10/10.  I may also do a few bike rides.

It’s hard to believe but I need to work on my biking confidence again.  I had a horrible ride on Thursday and my confidence is thrown.  Had leg cramps and quads screamed out on Thursday ride.  I do hope that I can recover soon and start having positive workouts again.

I’ll keep you posted.


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