What’s that Rumbling in the Distance?

Woke up bright and early this morning ready to run the 5K Dog Jog run at the Oklahoma River.  Woa, back it up!!  Woke up around 1:00 a.m. this morning in horrible pain.  I had eaten something that didn’t set well with my stomach. Anyway, after an hour of taking care of business, I went back to sleep.  Finally woke up  5 hours later and headed to the Dog Jog race.

The weather was a little “iffy” as I went to pick up Brenda for the race.

Brenda Riding in Car

Brenda did seem a little quiet most of the morning. However, she seemed rather happy as indicated by her smile and seemed very awake.

There was one time when she got cranky.  So I pulled over and gave her the caffeine fix she was bothering me about.

Brenda Geting Dr. Pepper

After her caffeine fix, she decided to stretch and then put on her Racing Bib.  Keep in mind it was raining so she did this from inside the car.

Typical Prerace Stretch

Racing Bib on Brenda

The race didn’t go so well for me.  I ran very slowly because of my stomach issues.  I had no accidents so that was a success but my stomach never did feel right.  As for Brenda, I think the facial expression below tells us all how her race went.

Hooray for Brenda


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