May 22, 2010–Busy Day

May 22, 2010

Originally uploaded by Stan0850

Woke up early this morning and put on my run gear. It’s Gusher Gallop time!!! This is a 5K race at Lake Hefner that is very flat. Even better, Devon Energy sponsors the race and provides runners with breakfast burrito’s right off the grill Whewwwhewww!!!

Anyway, I started of the race at a pretty good pace. About a mile into the race, I remembered something. That “something” was my allergies. I started coughing here and there. Not overly bad hacking but coughing all the same. The hardest part came when the coughing messed up my breathing. Most of the race was spent trying to get in a breathing rhythm. Never happened. Instead I take short panicky type of breaths.

The turn around point of the race gave the runners a head wind. This was the deciding factor for me to shut the pace down some and finish the race. Not every race is going to be the ultimate running experience. Someday’s simply finishing is enough. Today was one of those days.

After the race, I jumped in my car and heading to my next stop. This stop was with the Oklahoma Bicycle Society. This is a great, easy-going group that I enjoy. Anyway, today I would complete a 50 mile training ride around the Lake Arcadia area.

One would think that my legs were tired but they really never tired. I rode at a good pace for me and even led the group several times when the ride encountered headwinds.

I have two more weeks and then the training rides will stop and Oklahoma Free Wheel will begin.

The picture shown is of my cup sitting in my bicycle shoe. We had stopped for a break at Pop’s. I love that place but that is for another day.


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