Recaps and What’s on Tap

I’ve been pretty busy here lately.  This busyness has caused me to be a little delinquent on my blog postings.  The school year is quickly winding down.  I have about 7 days until summer vacation.  I am so looking forward to summer.  Have big plans of working out and pushing myself.  Hopefully I’ll do it under a little better control this time compared to last year.  Last summer I worked out too hard and did too many stadium stairs.  This caused my quads to ball up and I ran with a greatly reduced stride most of the summer.

Running–I am still running.  Tend to vary it up between quick 3 mile runs to slower lower teen miles.  Not sure what I am exactly training for right now.  I do know a fifty miler is a month and a half away.  I am worried about my mileage.  It doesn’t seem to increase at the typical pace that I had grown accustomed to.  Anyway, I will run the Gusher Gallop this weekend and then take it from there.

Biking–I have become very active with my road bike.  I have been riding with a group on Saturdays to help me get trained up for FreeWheel.  If you are from Oklahoma then you realize that FreeWheel is a bike tour across Oklahoma. This hard bike training is the reason why I have not ruled out the fifty mile run in July.  My biking (cross training) is complimenting my running nicely.

I do plan to take a few pictures this weekend.  I am attempting to have the best of both worlds.  I am running the Gusher Gallop 5K at 8:00 a.m. and then i’m rushing off to Lake Arcadia to ride 50 miles with the Oklahoma Bicycle Society.  If I am running behind, I will have to play catch up but that will be okay as long as I have a map and read it correctly.

That is all for now.  Thanks for reading.


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