Running and Biking

All in one day….Woke up early Saturday morning around 5:15 and headed out the door to meet Melissa at 6.  We rain a nice brisk 5.5 miles on the northside of Norman.  We then met up with Little B and ran a few more before she started feeling pain in her shins.  Hopefully that will get better for her.

After the run, I headed to Mitch Park in Edmond.  There I joined the Oklahoma Bicycle Society on a 40 mile training ride through the rolling (scenic) hills of Edmond.  The ride was fairly easy most of the way until I hit around mile 30.  My legs weren’t too crazy tired but my back was sore from being in the rider’s position.  Oh, and I was a little saddle sore too.

I really am starting to enjoy these training rides and the OBS people.  They are all friendly and just as fanatic about riding as the OKC Landrunners are about running.  I’m really hoping that biking will help me become a better runner. I do feel stronger when I run and a little more giddy up is present.

I sent my registration off for Free Wheel Oklahoma.  So it’s official.  I am excited about the opportunity and being out in the open.  I am going to blog my rear off between rides.

Still in great debate about the 50 miler in July.  Want to run it but my mileage is not getting up there very easily.  I’m balancing my time between running and biking and this can hurt my long runs.  Time is so precious when it comes to training.

As of now, i’m waiting to see what the weather brings for the Andy Payne run.  If the weather is manageable then I will run the marathon ….I mean jog the marathon.  This would be a spring board training wise for the 50 miler.

As time progresses, I will make the decision.

Ciao for now.


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