Courage Run

Woke up this morning and looked outside.  The clouds were dark and the sky was spitting rain.  As a result, I decided to run the Courage Run instead of bike with the Free Wheel group.

The run was very nice.  I got there in the knick of time to register before the crowds came.  The entry fee was really cheap too.  Met up with Little B.  I ended up running with her.  The course was super flat and the weather was perfect for running.

After the race, I hung out for a little bit before driving up to Lake Hefner.  Ended up riding 20 miles around Hefner by myself.  I did get to ride on wet road which I found to be beneficial.  I gained some confidence on the bike in the rain.  I’m slowly starting to understand my bike a little bit better.

Anyway, next week is definitely a bicycle training week for me.

Upcoming Events….

Gusher Gallop 5K

Andy Payne Run?

Dog Jog

That is all for now folks.


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