Almost Memorial Time

The days seem to be flying by right now.  The light at the end of the tunnel for the school year is quickly approaching.  Thirty more days to be exact.  Its been a challenging but successful year at work so far.

My running has been pretty good since coming off of the pinched nerve at the beginning of the year.  The injury kept me out of training long enough to where I cannot run the full Memorial Marathon on Sunday but I should easily make it through the 1/2 marathon.  It will be tough for me knowing that many of my friends are running the full.

My training has been sporadic but good.  When I do get out to run, the runs seem to be quality runs with intensity rearing it’s head from time to time.  The weather also seems to be cooperating right now.

I’ve become much more serious about my cross training.   I am biking with the Bicycle League of Norman and the Oklahoma Bicycle Society when I’m able to.   Plans to bike Free Wheel are still on track.  My goal of running San Fransisco have diminished.   My sights are set on a much larger prize which happens to be a 50 miler in Tulsa just before the 4th of July.  I’m a little scared right now…yes scared.  This is a limit/boundary that I have never been to before.

However, every time I watch “Running the Sahara,” I get fired up and nudge closer to the computer to sign up.  If you’ve never watched that particular movie, do so.  If you are a runner, you’ll love it.  There are three runners in the move/documentary and I suspect you will relate to at least on of them.

As of now, I plan to run the 1/2 marathon and then go out some thereafter and see if I can run a 20 miler.  At that point, I will officially decide on the 50 miler.  I am leaning towards the race.  Even though i’m a little anxious about it, once I get it in my mind, it’s hard for me not to do it.  Sick, yes I know.

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the Murrah Bombing.  9:02 a.m.  I remember I was laying in my dorm room bed at the University of Oklahoma.  I woke up to my radio and noticed that no music was playing.  As I listened, I realized the horrible event that had just occurred.  I remember going to class and watching people come into my class and asking for any nursing students to leave the class and go up the the bombing site to help.  That day, changed everything.  168 lives lost including children.

The run on Sunday is for those lives.  I happily run it hope to continue to run it for years to come.


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