All in a Week

Greetings reader.  Hope the last blog wasn’t too brutal.  I was not trying to be mean about the Saturday race, I was reacting to runners being put in a tough running situation.  That is the past and perhaps corrections will be made for next year. This week has been a rather tough week for me.

First off, this is the week before CRT testing.  CRT testing is the “No child left behind” test.  So the stress level is rather high at my work.

The wonderful world of allergies have also entered my life.  I ran three miles on Tuesday and then only managed one mile on Thursday.  I just keep on coughing as I run.  Finally made it to the doctor today and i’m on meds now. Will admit, I took a performance enhancing drug.  Yes, a got a steroid shot at the doctors.  I say this in a funny way but I will joke around that I now can run fast and farther as a result.   However, the steroid shot was strictly upper respiratory and allergy related.  I’m hoping that I feel better soon. This weekend…no race.  I will ride with the Freewheel group on Saturday and run with the LandRunners on Sunday.  Have considered running with the Southside Runners in Mo


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