Stupid Bladder

Greetings reader.  Today was a big step for me.  The limits were pushed beyond 10 miles.  I ran a 1/2 marathon called the Arbuckle to Ardmore.  This was the first year of the race.  The morning started off really early.  Woke up at 4:15 and quickly showered and dressed.  Picked up Little B and waited for the LandRunner bus to arrive at a designated parking lot.

Little B and I looking red-eyed

The bus took us to the middle of nowhere.  Well somewhere between Arbuckle and Ardmore.  The weather was windy and cold to start but we all knew that it’d warm up as we run.  The race started off with a bang (DG shotgun).  The course immediately had us running downhill.  We ran downhill for a long time and I was a little worried about my shins and quads because i’m not used to running downhill.  A plus was the north wind because we were running south.

About mile three it hit me.  The one defining moment in the race that would have the greatest impact.  The dreaded pee break.  I decided to stop at the second porta potty.  I waited and waited.  The doorknob was red/in use.  Anyway, ends up the door was locked but no one was in the porta potty.  I had wasted 2 or 3 minutes and still had not used the restroom.  I found a trail just off the course about a .5 mile down the road.  This whole ordeal would cost me later in the race.  Trust me.

After the restroom debacle, I tried to make up for lost time.  Most of my miles were below the ten minute mark.  As the end of the race came within sight, I realized I had 10 minutes to run 1.2 miles.  This is usually doable.  However, I had spent too much energy to make up for lost time from miles 3-12.  Plus I am not fully trained to run a half marathon right now.

I ran hard and when I entered the stadium, I realized that I would not run a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon.  The ultimate factor was the botched restroom attempt.  It had delayed me and caused me to work harder than what I had wanted to during the middle miles of the race.  Stupid bladder!!!

Anyway, I finished around 2 hours and 3 minutes.  Overall I was happy with the time.

The best part about this race was being able to hang out with LandRunner friends.  That was a fun trip and I hope more trips like this are planned in the future.


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