Be the Crow

American Crow and Bald Eagle

Originally uploaded by Stan0850

As some of you may know, I have been off of work this week for spring break. This gave me the opportunity to relax and to do things that I enjoy on my time.

Besides running on Riverside (Tulsa) and trail running, I had the opportunity to visit a few places and practice my camera skills. Actually I am very new to the camera world but I have found a way to incorporate my love for wildlife/birds and cameras.

The picture shown is one of a Crow dive-bombing a Bald Eagle. I got some really cool bird pictures including two different Bald Eagles. Anyway, i took several pictures of this Eagle before I realized that a Crow was in the same tree and he was open for business if you catch my drift.

Within a few minutes of observing, I witnessed the Crow chase away a Bald Eagle. The Crow continued to dive-bomb the Eagle until both birds were out of my sight.

I am posting this picture because it is my favorite. I can’t help but want to say over and over…”be the crow, be the crow.” It is easy to relate so many of our life experiences to this picture. Life for instance could represent the Eagle and our actions to make order out of it could represent the crow.

The better example that best relates to me is the Eagle represents obstacles such as a marathon. The crow represents the preparation and training used in order to conquer the obstacle.

So for now…Be the Crow!


One response to “Be the Crow

  1. I loved your blog. It gave me a bunch to think about. If you’re interested, check out my nature blog at Thanks for the great blog & the neat picture.
    – Song of the wolf

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