St. Paddy’s Day Run 8K

Today’s race was at 10:15 a.m. so I was able to sleep in and do a decent breakfast with the kids.  Afterwards, we loaded up the car and traveled to Lake Hefner (OKC).  The temperature was rather mild for the time of day and year but the wind was not.  It seems that Lake Hefner is always windy and cold throughout the year except for the summer. was cold.

Good friends Brenda and Mike were running the race this morning as well.  The race almost started without me.  I entered the blue porta potty as the Star Spangled Banner was being played.  Unable to put my hand over my heart out of fear of missing the urinal.  I rushed out the porta potty and made my way to the start line just in time.  Even got to say hello to running buddies Jason and David.

Here’s what happened next…

As you can tell, there were plenty of runners in costumes.  I started off fairly slow and then worked myself into a decent pace.  I continued this pace throughout the race.  The course weaved around Lake Hefner and had two turnaround points.

I picked it up slightly at the end of the race and ended up running a 43 minute race.  This would be considered good for me.  Very good since my return to running has been only a month.  Needless to say, I was happy during postrace.

Let me add a few pictures.

Chugging along at midway point

Brenda at midway point

Richard volunteering for DG

All in all, it was a great day to run and be around like minded people.  I tell people all of the time…”these are good times my friend, good times.”


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