Creek Classic 2010

Woke up this morning in a greet mood and ready to lace up the shoes and run a 10K at Deer Creek.  This would mark the farthest distance i’ve run since coming off of injured researve.  I knew I had the distance in me but just not sure of the struggle.

I settled into the 9 minute a mile section of the start line.  The gun went off and I took off at a light pace.

Starting Line of Creek Classic

Today I decided to find someone that was running at the pace I wanted to run or perhaps one step faster.  I found that person and hung just behind them for the first 5K.  At midway, I realized that I was going to overtake this runner so I found someone up the road and begin pacing off of them.  This strategy worked for me most of the race.  I was able to easily conquour the rolling hills around the course.

My struggle was minimal and my satisfaction was high as I saw the finish line and knew that I had run it under an hour.  Sure, i’ve run faster 10K times but keep in mind i’ve been running for three weeks after a 10 week layover.

After the race I was able to catch up with Mike.  Mike is a new LandRunner and a close friend that I had met back in college.  We share the exact same birthday/year.  Don’t worry we were born in different towns.  Anyway, I’m excited to hear about his experiences and successes.

Post race with Mike and my Boy

Here are a few other photo’s that I took.

Creek Classic Race Director and Awesome Person

See David at Most Races

As special shout out goes to my little running buddy whom I affectionately call Little B.  She is gearing up to tackle the Little Rock Marathon tomorrow.  I want to send postive vibes to her.  Wish I could be there cheering for her but I was unable to get trained in time to safely run the race.  Go get ’em!!!

Next up…Saint Paddy’s Day 8K!


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