Beacon on the Bay 5K

What a difference a year makes?  Last year I ran the Beacon on the Bay 25K and the weather was brutal.  All cold weather is now compared to the Beacon race.  This year, I ran the 5K  and ended up being a little overdressed for the occasion.

The race started off pretty simple.  It was a down and back 5K.  I started off easy but then picked up the pace for awhile before realizing that i’m not ready to push things yet.  The last half of the race was spent coasting to the finish line.  My time was just under 28 minutes which isn’t great but i’m gonna be easy on myself because it was just my second week of running since the injury.

I did get to finally meet Lynn.  She is a buddy of mine on  , daily mile is a website that is similar to facebook except it is for athletes.

Here’s a quick picture that Jason took of me before the race.

Chillin' at the Beacon


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