Hope for Haiti Run

February 19, 2010 Day 32

Originally uploaded by Stan0850

Today marked my official return to racing. The Hope for Haiti run was organized by DG Productions. The purpose of the race was obvious, to raise money for Haiti.

I decided to bring the family to this race. Really wanted them to be there to celebrate my return to running. The kids seemed happy to be there too. We all laughed a lot which is priceless.

The conditions of the race were not that great but they could have been worse. The temperatures were in the upper 30’s with a fine mist falling. The wind was light.

I started off the race towards the front and quickly dropped to the last third of the field. My main goal of the race was to finish without walking. I ended up reaching this goal and posting a decent time for myself.

The only trouble I had in the race was at the very end when the road became especially bumpy. My back felt pretty good most of the race. I knew it was there but I was not affected by the back.

I plan to run the 5K at the Beacon next week if the weather holds out. I will continue to take it slow until I feel comfortable opening things up again.

Quick Pic…

Finishing in a fine mist

In case you are interested, I have set up a glogster account.  Glogster allows user to make a poster about something.  In this case, I made a poster about today’s run.  This is something I might start working on and incorporating into the blog.   I’d love for you to take a look.

Hope 4 Haiti 5K


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