Comeback Tour 2010

The Comeback Tour officially began today February 16, 2010.  The doctor gave me clearance to run and I celebrated this occasion by running 3 hard miles on the treadmill.  Ran them at a pretty good speed.  I think the excitement of running again added to my speed and intensity.

December 23, 2009 was the last time I truly run before experiencing a pinched nerve.  The pinched nerve sidelined me and I have been going to the chiropractor about three days a week since.  Last week my back felt right for the first time and it has continued to feel better.  The running does not appear to be affecting it one bit.

So now it begins.  I have some 5K runs that i’d like to run really soon even though i’m way out of shape.  I just want to feel the excitement of being a runner again and being in a race.  I have never been too competitive with things but I do recognize the need to be around other runners at races.  Other runners inspire me and keep me motivated to continue running.


Creek Classic has just appeared on my radar along with Arbuckle to Ardmore.  The Beacon is a giant question mark, may be too much too soon to run.

Anyway, i’m back at ’em.  I’ll finally start posting running pictures again.

The diet is going well too.  I stopped weighing myself because I was focusing too much on my weight and the fluctuations.  I do know that i’m eating healthier than I ever have.  The detox worked great.  I have less than a week to go on it but I do not see myself going back completely to my old eating lifestyle.


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