Day 2 of Detox

Just completed day 2 of body detox.  Here are the results so far….

Day 1  lost 3.5 pounds

Day 2 lost 4.4 pounds

I’ve only exercised a few times for about 30 minutes.

The diet consists of supplemental drinks and eating fruits and vegetables.  This diet has made me quickly realize how addicted I am to food.  Sure we need food in order to survive but I now know that I quite often eat food for strictly pleasure.  The taste of the food entices me to eat.  It’s good to eat nice tasting foods but not in the quantities that I eat them and at the times that I do.

One thing that is really bothering me is my addiction to caffeine.  I miss Dr. Pepper.  This loss of caffeine has caused me to have a headache most of the day.

Anyway,  I have five more days of hardcore detox before adding a few more type of foods.  Even though i’m wrestling with my eating demons right now, I do know that i’m making progress.

Long term this has the potential to spring board myself back in to my running world.  I know that I need to run at a much lighter weight.  It’ll be quite a feat to get myself back in shape once my back allows me to run again.  Life is quite a journey.


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