January 29, 2010 Day 11 part c

January 29, 2010 Day 11 part c

Originally uploaded by Stan0850

Greetings all. If you live in Oklahoma then you are probably well aware of the weather situation going on. We had a day filled with ice followed by a day filled with snow. The picture on the blog was taken by me. It shows my son out in the snow. I especially like the snowflake in front of his face.

Update on my back is okay. I had a relapse a week ago but i’m progressing once again. I’m hoping for mid February to start training again.

In the meantime, I will be starting a 21 day detox. I’m hoping to flush out all of the impurities and to lose some weight in the process. I’ve never did this before but I do know it is time to start eating right and to pass new eating habits onto my family.

Long term goal is to lose weight and hopefully break below the 200 pound mark. I’d love to run a marathon at a significantly lighter weight. Hopefully I can reach this goal at some point.

Stay warm.


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