Staying Positive While Injured

Greetings reader.  Hope life is treating you well.  Right now I am surprisingly sane given the fact that it’s been three weeks since I last ran.  I visit the chiropractor three times a week and all I know is he pushed down on the vertebrae that are causing me the trouble.  Not sure how well it is working but I am in no pain right now.  I’m putting a blind faith in the chiropractor right now.

It is especially hard as I see blogs, facebooks, and emails of fellow runners gearing up for another weekend training run.  I miss the run.  Miss the people.  I firmly believe I will make a smooth comeback and will be running in my dream marathon in Northern California in May.  This hope/dream is fueling me to push forward with a positive attitude.

It does appear that I will be running a 1/2 marathon at the OKC Memorial.  This will allow me to continue training for the Avenue of the Giants.  After that, I am set to do Freewheel Oklahoma.  Freewheel is a road bike tour that travels the entire length of the state.  The tour lasts an entire week and requires camping out at night.  Not much of a camper but very up for the challenge.  It’ll be especially fun to blog as I continue the tour.  More about that later.

For now, I am going to step back and relax.  Rest my body and heal my back.  Continue to work on mental aspects and keep talking to God.  I know he’s listening.  Hopefully I will know when to shut up so I can listen back.


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