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Hello Blog Reader

Lets take a few steps and describe what is happening in my life.  Two days after Christmas, my back went completely out.  Locked up at my parents house in Tulsa while the kids were finishing opening they’re presents.  I got a present that evening too in the form of excruciating pain.  My back locked up and I made a guttural sound and tears pretty much shot out of my eyes.  The same guy that had just run two marathons in one month was now being helped to a van in order to get across town to a minor emergency center.

After the minor emergency visit, I was pretty hopped up on muscle relaxers and pain medications.  The tightness has gradually decreased but has not went away.  I still ran a few times even though I was hurt, yup not too smart am I?  Anyway, I finally went to the chiropractor after strong urging by some close friends.  They took an xray and it showed two of my Lumbar Vertebrae way too close too each other.  This means the vertebrae are pinching nerves.

Reflecting back, this now makes sense to me.  This problem is not running related.  It’s been a problem i’ve had for several years.  I’ve just shook it off or waited it out for a few days and then go back to normal, but the incident at my parents house was an experience I had never experienced before and do not want to experience again.

I am now heavily involved in a three month process in which the chiropractor will be working to loosen me up and to stretch my vertebra out.  De-compact me is another way to say this.  The chiropractor does believe that this can be done and seems very confident.  The one thing that he said that really tore me up was……you cannot run until you’ have gone three weeks without any pain.

Trust me, I pleaded with him and told him, you do not understand.  Running is my peace.  Running is my balance in life.  At first I treated the loss of running like a sudden death but quickly snapped out of that and realized that was silly. Not being able to run is more like being away from a love one.  Not a heartbreak even but more a “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  Trust me, I long for the day to put the Asics on my feet and the Garmin on my wrist and take off for a run.

The absence of running makes me put things in perspective.  Running has become such a major issue in my life.  I love the sport and I love the people associated with running.  Its hard to know that marathon training has started for the OKC LandRunners and know that I cannot make it.  But I do take comfort knowing that others such as Jason Butler or Willie have went through physical battles and have overcome.  I have to accept injury as part of running life.

I do miss seeing all of the runners and doing the races.  I just enjoy how easy going runners are and how accepting they are.  I am an overweight slow poke that does his best and I am reinforced and encouraged for it by others and I reciprocate the same encouragement to others.

Looking to the future, I hope to start running again in late January or early February.  This will only give me 12 weeks at best to run the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California.  This may be crazy but i’ve got to run this marathon if physically possible.  It’s been on my list for so long and I need to have the carrot dangling in front of me as I sit on my rear trying to heal.  I have to believe that I will recover and train enough to run it.

31 is the number of races that I have run in a year and a half.  I’ve run 5 marathons and one 1/2 marathon.  I’ve ran for some awesome causes such as Kelsey Briggs Run.  I’ve run a mud run and I have run races in the dark.  Got a runners tattoo on my shoulder blade, and most all…..I survived the Beacon on the Bay.  These are awesome accomplishments for myself.  I never dreamed I would be doing things like this.  I do not feel too sorry for myself because I know that I have other great runs to accomplish.  I have awesome training runs to run with others.  I have lots of running stories to participate in and tell.

In regards to my comeback in a month or two, Readers your going to someday tell your grandkids and they’re grandkids and even they’re grandkids; and when they look back at the annals of history, they’re gonna be talking about three things:  discovery of fire,  invention of submarine,  and my running comeback.  Mark it down.  Ha Ha!!!

Had to end with a twisted humor.


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