Still Not Running

Greetings reader.  Hope the new year is off and going smoothly for you.  Unfortunately my new year is not quite up to par in regards to my running.  It all started on December 27th when my back went completely out.  Since then I have had to take medications in order to function properly.

I have snuck in a few short runs but I feel like I may be doing damage instead of healing.  One of the hardest things for me is to watch as I quickly lose my running shape.  Before I lost my back, I was just coming off from running a marathon and had plans to maintain a higher mileage level for the spring.

This is a very frustrating thing for me and i’m taking it pretty hard.  I’ve relied on running to help clear my head and to make me a happier person.  Right now, i’m interacting with my family between drowsy moments of medication.  Feel like i’m a spectator in the stands watching as I become what I was before I started running.

My desperation has me talking about having a Chiropractor look at me.  The thought of this scares me but the thought of not running any time soon scares me even more.

You may think i’m blowing this out of proportion but I love running and I do not want to get used to not running.  Do not want to revert back to my old self.

Thats all for no.w


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