Beginning to look like Christmas

Life is Good

Christmas Vacation

Time with Family

Giving Spirit

Mentally Resting

Running Easy Mileage


Enjoying Nature

Fostering Relationships

Ahh, Life is Good!!!

  • As you can tell, i’m feeling pretty good right now.  I had a slight high ankle issue going on but it appears to be getting better.  Had a nice twelve mile run today as well.  Looking back over the last year, I am so grateful for discovering the world of running.
  • Running truly keeps me sane in such an insane world.  I’m not sure what next year has in store for me but I do hope for an injury free running year.
  • My next race will be on New Years day at Lake Overholser.  I’m hoping the weather will be a little more cooperative this year.  Last year the north wind was bad and the run was a struggle until you hit the turn around point.  Then the north wind pushed you to the finish line.
  • Anyway, i’m a good spot in my life.  Family and friends with a little bit of running mixed in.  I will post more later.

One response to “Beginning to look like Christmas

  1. Just stopping by to wish you and your family a very Merry little Christmas. Your running achievements in 2009 just blow me away, congratulations on goals set and Achieved!


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