Resting and Recovering

I’m kind of resting.  I did go out and run three miles on Tuesday which was a little too soon.  The top of my ankle is sore today as a result.  It was more out of habit than anything else that made me go out and run with only one rest day after a marathon.  Two marathons in three weeks requires a little more rest than normal.

Upcoming Events….New Years Resolution Run 5K at Overholser Lake and then begin Spring Marathon Training on January 2.  I have decided to maintain a higher level of mileage this year.  I’ll lose marathon shape for awhile but I do not want to be too far away from it.

Potential Marathons for spring…

OkC Memorial

Little Rock?

Avenue of Giants

I would like to complete two marathons.  The Memorial and Avenue of Giants are only a week apart so i’m not sure how i’m going to manage things yet.  I do know I can run two marathons in three weeks but one week maybe a little too soon.

The Avenue of Giants is well on it’s way.  I’ve gotten wife approval and i’m about to register online.  Once I register, i’m locked in.

Looking back on last weekend.  I really had alot of fun at Dallas White Rock.  It was one of my slower marathons but it was also one of my more relaxing marathons.  It’s nice to be able to look around and enjoy things as you run.  Here’s a final picture from the race.

We've did this a few times over the last year


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