Dallas White Rock 2009

Just ran Dallas White Rock.  Had a great time with friends and family.  Lets get right into the pictures. 

Now onto race day photos.

Random Photo

Start Line...Brenda and Me







Frank, Brenda, and Me

B and W photo PreRace







Race Time and Photos….

Both Brenda and I were in coral D.  We lined up nice and early.  When the gun went off, it took us 11 minutes to make it across the start line.  Brenda ran with me for about 7 miles before turning off on to the 1/2 marathon course.  Throughout the early part of the race, we were in constant zig zag mode.  By no means are we speed demons but many people didn’t quite understand or refused to honor the coral system.  We were constantly going around walkers and people from coral E.  It really was hard to get any type of speed going for any length of time.  

The course was awesome.  Very few hills and lots of flat running.  The final six miles was primarily downhill.  This would be a good marathon for someone trying to qualify for Boston.  The water stops were really good and most of the neighborhood came out to support the runners.  Spectators were constantly cheering me on and reading my name off of my bib and using my name to cheer.  Even had two ladies started dancing as I went by singing my name.

My game plan going into this race was to take it easy and run incident free.  I did not want to have a negative experience such as muscle cramps.  Really wasn’t in the mood for a major “gut check” out on the course.  I ended up sticking to the game plan.  I resisted the urge to speed up.  This marathon was solely a run for enjoyment.

I finished about the same as the Route 66 marathon and I was happy.  Brenda had a pretty decent 1/2 marthon too.  Here is a list of good, bad, and the ugly of Dallas White Rock.


  1. Course is fast
  2. People Involvment
  3. First Aid Stations
  4. Dolly Parton Hills (old hairy man dressed as Dolly Parton)
  5. American Airlines Center was neat
  6. Hooters girl aid station
  7. Expo


  1. PreRace Shirts see through and too many sponsors
  2. Finisher Tech Shirt Size (no XXL)
  3. Not family friendly at start line (restricted areas everywhere)
  4. Food after race was mnimal
  5. People disobeying coral system


  1. Piece of orange that flew out of my mouth and landed in a lady’s hair
  2. What I had to do at mile 22…apologize to environment and anyone in a 1/4 mile radius
  3. Smell of the bus that took us back to hotel
  4. Saw two different people vomiting

Start of White Rock

B and I (i'm the tall one)

Finishing Strong

Wrapping it up!

Overall, the White Rock experience was great and I would run this a race again.  If I ever get fast enough, this would be the place that i’d try ot qualify for Boston.  However, i’m many years away.  I enjoyed having the family there but it was really hard on my wife taking care of a 4 and 2 year old. 

The American Airline center was restrictive and overpriced.  It was hard for them to find food, afford food, or even leave the area. 

Now it’s time for the offseason?  Yeah, in two weeks spring marathon training begins.  I do have my work cut out for me, I have got to lose weight in order to lighten some of the work and effort involved with running such distances.  I am planning on watching my diet better and doing more cardio. 

Well that is all for now.  I will post more later.


2 responses to “Dallas White Rock 2009

  1. Hey… Us Dollies aren’t that old… Proud to be included on your good list though, glad you enjoyed the race.

  2. Your reputation stretches up into Oklahoma. I was told about you guys a few weeks ago.

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