Quick Vid to Share

Hey Readers…

I’ve been fairly active on the blog right now but every time I sit down to watch TV I feel compelled to write a few lines.  Guess I have plenty to say.   Really looking forward to Dallas White Rock this weekend.  Gonna have to remind myself to start slow and stay slow.  I’ve also learned that one has to respect the marathon.  Go in a marathon lightly and it will drop you hard.

Tonight I watched the Avenue of the Giants slide show showing the scenic course.  This is a marathon that I have circled in ink (not pencil) for May.  Something about that race really has me hooked.  I guess part of that urge is from when I visited years ago.  Being out in the nature was such an awesome experience.  I felt closest to God out amongst the trees.  I remember walking off the road and traveling back in the Redwood forest.   Sitting on a stump and staying silent.  I can still hear the sounds of the wild to this day.  This is a moment that I can easily recall today.  I remember telling my wife that life does not get any better than this moment right here, right now.

What I am attempting to do is mix my fond memories of this wonderful scenery with my favorite activity (running).  I’m sure I’m building it up too high but I am a pretty simple guy that enjoys simple things.

Here’s the link to the video…. watch it…maybe you will better understand what I am talking about.  Also take note of what you don’t see in the slides.


This could be my last post until White Rock.  I will take lots of pictures because i’ll have the new camera with me.  Later.


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