SandRidge Santa Run 2009

Look deeply into my eyes, you are going to read this blog.  You are going to laugh and tell your friends about this blog.  Your getting sleepy, wait…no your not…Your supposed to read this blog.

Actually this is a video of a Greyhound Rescue that showed up to today’s race.  Wonderful dogs looking for homes and foster homes.

This morning started off pretty cold but the sun came out and the weather was manageable if you dressed appropriately for this mornings downtown 5K race.  Had a really relaxing time at the race today.  My run was a little slow today but that is my fault.  I ran 8 miles the night before and I let time get away from me this morning and failed to warm up properly.  Needless to say, the race was almost over when I finally started feeling warm enough to stretch my legs out and run.

Lets get right into the race photo’s.

Brenda Posing

Me avoiding the running paparazzi

Here’s a bunch of random Brenda pics.  I thought it would be funny to take pictures of her with various costumed runners at today’s race.

Run Run as fast as you can!

I am not quite sure what the dude behind them is video taping?

B with Rumble (Thunder mascot)

B with Abomnable Snowman

Notice that Joseph is an onlooker behind Brenda and the Abominable Snowman.

I did have time to take one picture!!!

Thunder Cheerleaders and I

The Christmas Singing Family Greggs showed up too…Okay, i’m not sure if they sing but it’d be great if they did and got paid for it.  Amber had a great race.  Good long stride on her.

The Greggs after the race

Finally, here’s the big Christmas tree inside of Enterprise Square.  Do look at the person in the left corner of the picture….he is wearing a pig snout.

Merry Christmas

Wait…..I forgot, here’s a video of B finishing her race.  I was unable to get a video of myself.

The end!!!


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