Turning the Page

It’s been a week since Route 66 marathon.  I have been basking in the warm glow that is completion of marathon number 4.  However, it is time to “turn the page” and begin thinking about Dallas White Rock Marathon which is in two weeks.  This is uncharted territory for me.  I haven’t run two marathons in such a short time.  Last spring I did run two marathons that were six weeks apart, this time it will only be three weeks.

I have been running lightly and trying to maintain what shape that I am in.  Honestly, I do feel like I have gained too much weight over the last month or so.  This weight is affecting me as I run, I can feel it.  This will be an area that needs to be addressed in the holiday/running offseason.  For now, I have hopes of completing White Rock without incident.  Perhaps learn a few things from the last marathon.  I will attempt to do a better job at hydrating and maintaining my salts.

On a final note, I bought a camera over the weekend.  Canon Rebel 15.1 mp.  So, over time I hope to better understand how to use the camera and perhaps I will be able to incorporate photography into the blog.  I know that my wife is excited about taking running pictures with it.  The zoom lense should really make things different.

Here’s a picture that I took tonight.  I’m still an infant on how to best use the camera.


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