From Other Perspectives….Route 66

Hi readers.  Hope the week is going well.  I’m still recovering from the run but my mental state is really good.  I’m having an especially elevated runner’s high over the race on Sunday.  Partly because of my performance of overcoming obstacles and partly from my running buddies successes.  I have asked Melissa and Brenda to write down some of they’re thoughts and experiences from Sunday’s Route 66 Run.  Melissa ran her first marathon and Brenda ran 1/2 marathon.


Melissa and Brenda


Here goes….  the run started off beautifully today.  My breathing was good, my legs felt good, etc.  I started getting a little nervous when I thought that I was at the 11 mile mark and it was only the 9 mile.  I was beginning to get a little fatigued.

Everything continued going smoothly until the usual bathroom demon appeared.  It was around mile 13.  I went ahead and stopped, and had to wait for what seemed to be quite awhile in the line.  So, I started again and then ended up stopping around mile 16.  By this time I was really feeling tired and I told Kevin that I pretty much piddled around at this stop.  After I had piddled long enough, I started running again.

When I got to mile 20 I heard Kevin yell my name.  I ran over to hug him and lost it.  Got very emotional.  It wasn’t the reaction he was expecting to get from me.  So, I had my time and then was ready again.  The next couple of miles were rough.  I held back tears throughout the run and had a lot of time to talk to God.  But, everytime I got emotional I felt the heaviness in my chest and my breathing would become messed up.  So, I had to work through a lot of that.

By mile 23 I had it together and knew by this time I could do it.  I just told myself it was only a 5K left.  At mile 25 a guy who I had yo-yoed with me for the last 6 miles ran up beside me and said “I think we’ve got this”  So, I turned up my Jay Z and ran it in with him.  Richard ran the last quarter of a mile in with me and elated me to see a familiar face!

Overall, I loved it!  Especially now that it is over!

Brenda Once Again Running


I ran the Route 66 marathon yesterday, I have to admit I was very nervous going into it.  I didn’t feel I was properly trained for the hills in Tulsa, so I was expecting a not so great time.  I woke up very early that morning and ate my usual peanut butter and banana.  Melissa, Glen, and I all hung out with our families at the start line.  I was very worried that I would be disappointed in my time and that I would not be able to run those hills like I wanted too.

Well, the gun went off and off we all went.  The first mile was entirely uphill but good thing I had ran that exact street at the Tulsa run so I knew exactly what I was getting into.  At that time, I was running about 10 min 30 sec mile.  I loved that the marathon had clocks at every mile so you could pace yourself.  Anyways, I ran at a constant speed which I never do. I usually speed up and then slow down and then speed up again but yesterday my legs were going consistently.

As I hit the 10K mark, I saw Richard, my boys, my mom, and Allona cheering me on. By this point I knew I was running a good race and that the hills had not taken the best of me.  By the time I got to the 10K mark I had ran 1:01 10K which was my best time ever.  I was stoked!!!!  And of course screaming to Richard that this was my best time yet!

After I saw my family, I knew that I wanted to beat my time from last year and my time from the NM half marathon.  I ran pretty consistent up to mile 11 where I saw my family again.  I screamed to them that I only had two more miles to go. I really wanted to pick up the pace at this point but my body was not having it, I slowed down just a little but I was still keeping a good pace considering I had just ran 11 miles at a pace I have never ran before.  I knew once I hit 31st street, where the turn around point was that I was almost there. I tried to pick up the pace as much as my body would allow at this time.
Once I got past the 21st street bridge and I could see the start of the finish line and I looked at my watch, I knew I had beat my NM half marathon time and shaved off a lot of time off last year’s Route 66 time.  As I approached the finish line, I saw and heard Richard screaming for me because he knew that this was my best half marathon to date.  I was so excited that I conquered the hills and they didn’t take me down and I beat last year’s time by 19 minutes.  This is so huge for me because I am not a fast runner but I am slowly making strides and getting better race by race.  My next race will be White Rock in Dallas.  I don’t know if I will do better because this last time was something I never thought I could accomplish but I thank God that I am able to run and that I have a family who supports me every step of the way.  I also have developed some great friendships through this journey and I hope to have them in my life always.  Happy Running!!!!

Melissa, Me, and Brenda



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