Less than 2 days away from the Route 66 Marathon.  Here’ goes my checklist.

  • Haircut
  • Shave
  • IPOD Loaded and Recharged (main song..Estasy of Gold)
  • Garmin Fully Charged
  • Race Shirt Selected
  • Jelly Beans Bought
  • Carb Meal #1
  • Continuously Drinking Water

Now all I have to do is run 26.2 miles on Sunday.  The weather appears to be nice on Sunday.   I hope it stays cloudy and cool instead of clear and sunny.  Wind should not be a factor.  Am I nervous?  Yes.  I’ve trained hard but I am still trying to shake off a physical struggle leftover from the OKC Memorial Marathon.  After I ran that race, I was in a “Zombie” state for several days.  Definitely do not want to repeat that.

Anyway, I am super reflective tonight.  I am so blessed to have wonderful family and friends.  I get to witness another close friend finish her first marathon.  How awesome is that?  Awesome!!!  I am so proud of my running friends/friends.  Running truly is a wonderful sport that I enjoy.  Including when i run 26.2.

This will be my first repeat race since i’ve been running just over a year ago.  On a side note, I have registered for Dallas White Rock Marathon.  That gives me three weeks recovery after Route 66.

Will this be my last post before the Marathon?  Who knows, I have a lot to say right now.  Will take tons of pictures throughout the weekend.


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