Appreciation of Life

Let me paint the current picture in my house.  I am reclining on the chair watching my little girl twirl in the middle of the living room and watching me little boy roll a car on the table nearby.  Watching my two kids play is wonderful.  I have truly been blessed with so much in life.

As you can tell I am super reflective tonight and have a tremendous appreciation for the simple things in life.  I tend to get this way as a big race such as a marathon gets closer.

I am majorly stoked about the upcoming race.  The challenge that appears before me is welcomed.  I plan to do everything I can to overcome the challenge.  However, I do know that my success and failure is not based upon completion of the marathon or not.  My success or failure is based upon effort.  I have seen and heard of a lot of running buddies that became injured or disoriented during a race and become unable to continue.  That sure doesn’t make them failures.  A failing attempt would be no attempt at all.  Don’t get me wrong, I am confident and have all intentions of finishing.  I’m just a little nervous because I have intentions of running a little quicker by my standards. In past marathons I have paced myself to survive.

I also have two close running buddies doing the race on Sunday.  Brenda will be running the 1/2 marathon.  She has run several 1/2 marathons before.  However, she’s had to overcome two ankle rollovers and a car wreck to make it to the start line.

Melissa will be running her first marathon.  I tell everyone that Melissa is an animal (in a good way of course).  Her athletic ability combined with her will to succeed does make her somewhat of a running animal.  If I finish before her, I will be anxiously awaiting her final straightaway to the finish line.  Only people that have run a marathon truly understand how hard it is to run a marathon.  They really do not understand how hard it is to train for one.

In case I do not update my blog until after the race…….I will post a brief post telling whether I finished and my time.  Later on I will give the details once I have traveled back to Norman.  I’ll have plenty of pictures of myself, my friends, and family.

Adios…..ready to kick on Route 66.


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