Race for Hope

Greetings reader.  Today I ran the 12K Race for Hope http://www.okbtf.org/ .  The morning started out pretty much on time.  It was a beautiful morning until……the wind started blowing and the temperatures dropped.  Fog and mist soon followed the winds.  The beautiful morning was gone and replaced by a cold, dreary morning.  Interestingly, moments earlier Jason had mentioned how beautiful the morning was.   Don’t get me wrong, the day was not Beacon-like (Beacon Run from last year).

So me and the gals stayed in the car until the last minute, quickly warmed up and headed on down the road at the starting gun.

Brenda and Melissa

Staying Warm

The race started off smoothly.  The 5K runners were flying down the path and the 12K runners were a little slower.  Melissa ended up running with me and we played with our pace most of the way.  We did pick the pace up a few times just to make sure it was still there.  We finished about 1:13:00 which isn’t bad for me on a 12K.   Brenda was not far behind.

The best part of the day was hanging out after the race and talking with other runners.  Enjoy getting to know other people and hear they’re stories.  I am surrounded by such great and wonderful runners/people.

Did get to see Amber this morning.  Some of you may remember Amber from a few weeks ago when I posted about the Kelsey Briggs 5K run.  She is spearheading planning for next years run.  Anyway, she arrived to the race late and pretty much ran from driver side seat to start line.  I can’t tease her too hard because she is coming from a decent distance to run.  I did get a pic of her leaving the scene.


Amber Leaving the Race

One major thing missing today were her gold shoes.  Perhaps that is the reason she was running behind.  She had some story about those shoes getting caught on mouse trap paper.

I did snap another picture because it was too good not to.  Melissa was cold after the race.  I looked at her and could see that her lips were blue.  Really blue.  I took the picture but the picture does not do justice to how they really looked.

So there you have it.  The Race for the Cure.  I will post more pictures when they become available.  I will be posting a lot because I have lots on my mind this week as I head into Route 66 marathon.  I tend to get reflective as the big race gets closer.  Be sure to check the blog out Sunday night to see if I made it.


Feeling Blue?

Here are a few more photo’s from the race courtesy of http://www.okcrunning.org


Melissa and I finishing


Brenda, Melissa, and I after the race


Brenda Finishing


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