Running with the Stars

A major disadvantage of running for me is the waking up early.  I’m just not a morning person.  Running is one of the few activities where i’ll give up sleep to do.  An advantage of running beyond the health and mental aspects is getting to watch the sun rise in the east.  Fall has really had some beautiful and peaceful sunrises.  Just wanted to share that.

Made it over to Brenda’s house on time at 6:20.

Brenda is late As you can tell by the car clock in the picture, Brenda was running behind.  Do not want to make a big deal out of this, just wanted to visually document the occurrence to better get underneath her skin on the matter.

Had the person I was waiting on had been Richard (her husband), he would have been on time.  I’m just saying….

Anyway, made it to the race.  The atmosphere was pretty festive.  There were lots of college students involved with the race.  Seeing younger people take an active role in such events is encouraging to see.

The race started with a bang.  Literally, a sound of a shotgun.  Off the runners went.  My main goal was to finish the 5K and to not get hurt.  As of this typing, I think I achieved my goal.  I started off pretty slow for the first 3K until I gradually worked at a higher speed to finish the race.

There were lots of volunteers such as cheerleaders that kept us entertained and cheered the runners on.  The course was pretty fast with several downhill sections.  The final stretch of the course was uphill.

I ended up crossing the finish line around 26:02?  This was off from my best but it was interesting to see that I ran a close time whether I start slow and finish strong or start fast and die out.

The only draw back of the race was the only water stop was after the 3K mark.  However, the goodie back given to the runners before the race was really good.  Overall, a pleasant morning to run the race.  The race coordinators did a great job of creating a wonderful environment to race.  Especially enjoyed talking with other runners after the race.

I will be racing at Overholser next week.  Its one time around the entire lake.  It’ll be fun since it’s the very last training run before Route 66 marathon.

The Sun was not cooperating with the camera but you do see Brenda running  by and finishing strong.

The video below is of a new running buddy that we met named Michelle.  Not sure if she’ll ever get to see this video because I didn’t get to tell her where to check online but you never know.  She is from the Norman area.

There you have it.  Race for Hope is next week followed by my big race in Tulsa (Route 66).  Special shout out to Michael Coffman for showing up today and running just under a 20 minute 5K.  Sure wish you’d dedicate to training because you could be good.


One response to “Running with the Stars

  1. Unless the course has changed, the Race for Hope starts at the pavillion on the S.E. side, goes counter-clockwise to almost the turn S. and then back. Not all the way around the lake. See you there.

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