Rollin’ the Clocks Back


Completed my final 20 mile training run of the fall marathon season.  The event was rather painless in the grand 20 mile run scheme of things.  The weather cooperated and Lake Hefner was beautiful.  Melissa also ran her final 20 mile run.

Now i’m in taper mode for the next three weeks before the date with Route 66 marathon.  I have plenty of training questions up in the air right now.  These questions will be answered when I cross the finish line of Route 66.  It’s similar to OJT or On Job Training.

Upcoming Races

Race with the Stars is a 5K race on November 7.

Race for Hope is a 12K race on November 14.

Route 66 is the Marathon on November 22.

Dallas WhiteRock is December 13.

Some of you who are close to me may be seeing Dallas WhiteRock on my blog for the first time in a long time.  I’m in deep thought about it and i’m leaning towards a yes.  It will be three weeks after Route 66 so the recovery time is manageable.  I will also still be in great marathon shape to run it.


I have volunteered for the race planning committee for next years Kelsey Briggs run.  Its kind of amazing how things work sometimes.  I am ready to put in the work/effort to make next years race successful and to bring about Child Abuse Awareness.

Also, i’m in the infancy stage of putting together a running/bible study group.  It’d be a great chance for runners to talk about races and training.  Even more importantly runners will have a chance to work on a relationship with Christ.

Will keep you posted on both projects as they progress.

Rollin’ the Clocks Back

Finally, daylight savings time has arrived.   This made me think about time.  More importantly, what we do with our time.  I happen to like running.  No matter what you do with your time, do it with  a purpose.  Just like running with a purpose.  I hope to look back someday on my life and be able to say that I did the best with the time that I had.


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