Are we there yet?

It’s been quite a week for me.  I was able to run three times outside and once inside on the treadmill.  My workout intensity is gaining strength.   My treadmill work consisted of several minutes of hill running.  The cooler weather has forced my road bicycle inside.  So my crosstraining took a hit this week.  That is the reason why I ran an extra time this week.

To combat the lack of bicycle time, I will be a guest visitor the Huston Huffman OU complex.  I plan to pay as a guest and start doing spin classes.  I can’t help but feel that the training going on this month is the most vital in my marathon training.  Something tells me November training is more about maintaining and resting.

Had a really good run today.  Woke up late and went to Edmond Hills and ran 12 miles.  It was quite amazing to see how I was able to run the hills now compared to two months ago when I first started training.  There was only a minor slow down in pace as I went up hills.  I can’t help but feel that this is a good as I head to Route 66 in six weeks.

Even though I feel good about today’s run, I can’t rest on that victory.  20 miles is staring at me on Saturday once again.  Two times around Lake Hefner.  I’m working hard to maintain the training run schedule set out by the LandRunners.  I am able to see my body come together as the race gets closer and I credit much of it to the training schedule and how the mileage is added in increments.  I’m also discovering the value of rest.   Rest has been something I equated with nonrunners.  I can still be a runner and rest. 

My race schedule has been rather light to nonexistent right now.  Most of this is due to OU football, training run conflicts, and money.  I’ve run alot of races over the last year but right now the training run overrides 5K races.  Don’t worry, I will be back on the 5K circuit.  Loganpalooza in two weeks is on my radar (unless I decide to do Monster Mash in Norman). 

Looking well into the future, my schedule is pretty loaded with big races.  After Route 66 Marathon, a decision will be made about Dallas White Rock.  I may run a half or full depending on how I feel about Route 66.  In the spring, I will run the Memorial Marathon and then do a quick turn around and run Avenue of the Giants.  I am leaning towards running the Memorial and jogging the Avenue but weather could easily reverse that order. 

Beyond running, I am leaning heavily toward Freewheel.  I’d love to ride across the entire state and camp out on the way. 

I do apologize if my blog posts seem like they are the same every week.  I’m still in love with running and blogging.  Lately I’ve been worried about being too boring.  The fact is i’m surround by awesome running people.  I get great support from my family and friends.


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