Knockin’ the Pins Down…All 20 of Them

Its been quite a ride this weekend so far.  Some of you may not know but I am in week 2 of 5 where I am the color commentator for the one of the Norman High School football games.  Anyway, I had the opportunity to call the Moore vs. Norman North game last night.  I love talking about football and i’m having a blast talking on the radio.  If you want to hear me on the radio over the next three weeks, you’ll have to stay up late on Friday.  I’m the tape delay game that comes on after the live game.  In other words, around 11:30 p.m. you can hear my voice.  The station is the KREF 1400 am.  They do stream.

Woke up early this morning to run my first 20 mile training run.  My alarm went off at 4:20 a.m. and I quickly noted similarities and differences between laying in bed before going to work versus laying in bed before going to run.  It’s easier to get up and go run but the bed still feels super nice when one first wakes up regardless of days destination.

Met up with Brenda and Melissa.  Brenda aka my little running buddy has been fighting injury and sickness for several weeks.  Wasn’t sure how far or well she was going to do this morning.  Melissa has been showing up every week and doing what has been asked of her in order to be properly trained for the November marathon.  Fast forward several miles and hours….they made great strides today and i’m proud of them.  Heck i’m proud of them all the time. 

The course for the day was two times around Lake Hefner.  Each lap is around 10 miles.  We started off in the cover of darkenss.  Well, maybe not completely dark.  The large moon was still high in the sky.  We had moments of beauty early in the run.  We made note of the bright moon high in the sky and the cool crip air.  The water on the lake was still and reflected the moon.  In the distance, the lighthouse was illuminated by white lights. 

Quick note to runners….buying a miners light was a smart move for me.  At times I had to use it in order to see the course and to see people coming up on us. 

All three of us ran nicely around the lake the first time.  The second loop I decided to open things up and see what I could do.  This was kind of a risky move for me because this is the first 20 miler on the training schedule 

However, my body felt great and I ran the next 6 miles around a 9 minute pace before gradually slowing down the final 4 miles.  It was nice to know I could pick it up when I needed it.  I have about a month and a half of training left.  Really look forward to these weekend training runs.  I’m not sure if i’d be at this point in my running shape if I was doing this alone. 

I am very grateful for my running buddies and the friendships formed through this sport.  As for the title of post, I’ve used this phrase to simplify the training runs.  “Just know the pins down” every week.  This week there happended to be 20 pins. 


Next week we are going to deviate away from the LandRunners and run 12 miles of hills in Edmond.  There is a slight chance of me running a 5K tomorrow in Norman.  “Among Friends” is a low key race that I wouldn’t mind jogging just to have fun and get a taste of the race feeling. 

Stay tuned, I’ll keep you posted.


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