Midway Point of Training

Reached the midway point of marathon training for the Route 66 marathon in  November. 


Its been a rather wet couple of training weeks.  Last Saturday’s 17 miles was a rainy one and this week’s 12 miles was the same.  Interestingly, it never rained down the road in Norman today.

I am encouraged by my current state of training.  I’m gradually starting to see my old form return.  Sure it’s still pretty slow but atleast it’s recognizable.  The next few weeks will be a test as I will be running 18, 20, 12 , and 20 mile long runs on Saturday mornings. 

Very thankful for the OKC LandRunners ( www.okcrunning.org ) for providing the venue and water for the weekend training runs.  Having other runners around me helps keep me motivated when I start to tire. 

Have big plans of stepping things up during the month of October.  My bike ride intensity and running intensity will increase.  

Upcoming events?  Not really sure.  I want to do the Rennaisance Run in Midwest City but I have noticed that the training run has not been moved to accommodate the event.  Do know that I need to cut loose on a 5K really soon to keep my juices flowing.   I will continue to update my status to you as time grows closer to the Marathon.


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