Just Doin’ Time

No “Makin’ Tracks” run this morning.  Instead I opted to ride 25 miles on the bicycle around the town of Norman.  It was a really peaceful ride without wind or intense sunlight.  The town of Norman is really a cool place to be hours before a Sooner Football game.  Already at 7:00 I could see a new city of RV’s set up and cooking breakfast in the Lloyd Noble parking lot.  Banners and other decorations were lining the streets directly around campus.  It’s just a shame that the Sooners lost last week.  The town would not still be dealing with a broken football heart.

The decision to not run the Piedmont “makin’ tracks” race was rather easy.  I am running 16 miles on Sunday with the Landrunner crew.  The course will be two times around Lake Overholser.  Pretty simple course but the distance is not.  I’ve noticed that my body is taking longer to heal itself during this training season.  Last year I could have ran a 5K race and easily went out and ran a 16 miler but not this season.  Not sure what has gone wrong or perhaps things are just going right this time.  I’d like to think its due to my pacing.  Gradually working my way to the needed mileage.

The next race that I will run will be the Rennaisance Run in Midwest City.  This will be the first repeat run for me.  It’ll hold some sentimental value to me.  Hope to see you there.


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